Ditch The Clutter: 5 Tips For Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit

A self-storage unit is very handy for storing seasonal items that don't fit in your home. It's also the ideal place to store your items when moving. It might seem as easy as tossing your belongings into the unit, but unfortunately, that is not true. If you want to get the most out of your storage unit, you need to organize it smartly. Here are five tips to help you organize your self-storage unit:

1. Store Similar Items Together

The best way to pack your belongings for storage is by packing similar items together. If you haphazardly packed, unpack everything and start over. Create piles and separate your belongings into categories such as memorabilia, linens, and decorations. Once you have your items categorized, pack them into boxes.

2. Keep Box Sizes as Uniform as Possible

You should try your best to keep all of your boxes the same size. If that is not realistic, limit the sizes to just two or three. Having the same sized boxes—or roughly, the same size—will help when it comes to stacking them. It will also reduce space.

3. Shelve or Stack

Once you have everything packed properly, you will need to pile it into the storage unit. This is one of the most important parts of organizing your storage unit, so take your time and do it carefully. Stack boxes according to size and weight: larger and heavier boxes on the bottom, lighter and smaller boxes on the top. If you will be leaving your items in the storage unit for a long time, consider installing some shelving to keep it up off the floor and away from water, dust, dirt, and debris.

When putting your boxes into the unit, consider what you will need to have access to first. Pack things you won't need for a while in the very back, and place items you might need soon in the front. This will help prevent you from digging through your storage unit if you need anything.

4. Color Code or Map It Out

Another handy thing to do is color code or number your boxes. The best way to code your boxes is by room or item. For example, kitchen items might have a blue sticker while bathroom items have a red sticker. Once you have everything coded, make sure you write it down so you do not forget it.

5. Utilize Wall Space

Finally, don't forget to utilize the wall space. You can often put pegboards and hooks on the wall to organize smaller items, such as tools. If you can't put anything on the walls, you can use heavy-duty tape to secure them. Alternatively, just prop them up against the wall for easy access.

Self-storage units are ideal for storing all sorts of things that just don't fit in your home or garage. If you are planning to use a storage unit, keep these tips in mind to ensure it stays clean and organized. If you're looking for a self-storage facility in your area, visit Epic Group Inc.

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