Choosing The Right Packing Materials For Self Storage

Not just any box will do when it comes to packing the items in a self storage unit. You need to not only make sure that your items are safe from moisture and pests, but that they are easy to transport and stack without fear of breakage. This guide will help you find the best packing items so you can make the most of your storage unit.

Boxing Day

Cardboard boxes are the least expensive and most commonly available packing option. You can use cardboard for almost every item you are storing if you aren't concerned about moisture, such as if you have a climate-controlled storage unit. But if moisture is a concern, save cardboard for those items that are less prone to moisture damage, such as serving ware and kitchen items.

The following tips will help you pick the best boxes.

  • New is best. Boxes do break down and weaken with each use. Pests can also live within the corrugation in old cardboard.

  • Opt for boxes that are all the same size for the bulk of your belongings, and pick a size that is easy for a single person to lift. It's much easier to stack boxes of the same dimension.

  • Use the right box for the job. While most of your boxes will be similar in size, you will need a few specialty boxes. For example, wardrobe boxes with a hanging rod are necessary if you are packing a lot of clothing. You may also need specially padded boxes for certain electronics.

Think Outside the Box

You can skip cardboard if moisture is a major concern. Either forgo it entirely, or only use it for moisture-safe items. For those items that need a bit more protection, opt for plastic storage tubs with tight-fitting lids. Once again, pick tubs in similar sizes so that they stack easily and are easy to carry. If tubs aren't an option, you can also line cardboard boxes with heavy-duty black plastic garbage bags. Just make sure the bags are tied or taped shut well enough so moisture can't get in.

It's a Wrap

Not every item is made for a box. In some cases, the right bag is a better choice. If you are storing mattresses, invest in quality mattress bags. These big, heavy duty plastic sacks will protect your mattress from dust, stains, moisture, mildew, and pests while it is in storage.

Upholstered furniture doesn't necessarily need a bag, although you may want to store removable cushions in a bag or tub. Instead, simply drape a sheet over the furnishings. The same goes for wood furniture. The sheet keeps off dust while also allowing any moisture to evaporate.

Packing shrink wrap is another useful packing tool. Simply wrap it around dressers to keep the drawers in place, or an appliance to keep the door shut. Once the item is in storage, simply drape a sheet over the exposed top.

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