Tips For Safely Storing Your Piano

A piano can be one of the most expensive items that you own, and if these musical instruments are not properly maintained, they can easily suffer extensive damages. Unfortunately, it may be necessary for you to store the piano for a period of time, and if you are not careful, you could accidentally ruin it. However, following these tips when storing your piano will help you to avoid this type of unfortunate damage. 

Take Steps To Prepare The Wood For Storage

One of the most important things that you can do before storing the piano is to properly prepare the wood. Even if you opt for a climate controlled storage unit, the humidity and temperature inside the unit can be different from the conditions the piano normally experiences. As a result, this can stress the wood, which can lead to deformities. 

Minimizing this type of damage will require you to properly seal and finish the wood before you place the piano in storage. This can be a very labour intensive task because you will have to remove the existing finish and apply a new one over the entire piano, but this may be the only option for ensuring that your piano does not suffer major damage while you are storing it. 

Keep The Piano Covered

In addition to protecting the piano against moisture and temperature damages, dust is another major concern that you must anticipate. When dust accumulates in a piano, it can severely compromise the quality of the sounds it produces, and the only way to repair this is through a complete cleaning of the instrument. While this will restore the quality of your piano's sound, these cleanings can be highly expensive because the piano may need to be partially disassembled. 

To prevent this problem from striking your piano, you will need to cover the piano in a protective cloth. This will prevent the dust from reaching the piano's surface, which can eliminate this problem. Avoid using any materials that will trap air and moisture near the piano, such as plastic, or else you may inadvertently cause major damage. 

When storing a piano, it is important for you to take proactive steps to prevent this expensive musical instrument from suffering damages. By understanding the importance of preparing the wood for storage and the need to cover it, you should be able to ensure that your piano does not suffer a couple of common forms of damage while it is being stored. 

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