Organization Tips For Smaller Storage Unit Spaces

If you need to rent out a storage unit and would like to utilize this space to the best of your ability, organization is key. Whether you are opting for a smaller unit for budget reasons or you just don't have enough items to justify the next size up, you might be surprised at how much you can fit in a tiny storage space with a little creativity. Here are four storage organization tips that can help when loading up a smaller storage unit space.

1. Clever Space-Saving Setups

While you might feel as though your jumble of boxes, bins, and furnishings won't fit in a smaller unit within a storage facility, try to look at your items like puzzle pieces that will fit together. Turn tables upside down, couches on their sides, and stuff dresser drawers with smaller items once this is in place. Make sure to measure larger furnishings so you can ensure these will fit within your storage unit's dimensions.

2. Hanging Options for Open Space

Once you have all of your major items secured within your storage unit, there might be some open real estate that you can still fill up. Using hooks or hangers, you can easily hang clothes, belts, towels and other items off of shelves to fill in gaps. Hanging items can be taken down and removed easily to get to boxes and larger items. Make sure you cover cloth items with plastic so these will stay free from mold, dust, and grime over time inside the storage facility.

3. Stack High and Keep a Ladder

You might think stacking items to the ceiling can be precarious, but if you are smart about this, you can fit more into your space and still be safe within your storage unit. You will want to invest in bins or boxes that are uniform in size, preferably made for stacking. Keep a foldable stepladder in your unit as well so you can access your items up high easily and without hurting yourself.

4. Strategic Packing of Your Unit for Access

Depending on how often you will be accessing items in your storage unit should dictate how this is originally organized. Be sure to strategize where your items should be stored within your unit so you can make your life easier in the future. Aim to store rarely needed items in the back and those you use often in the front so you don't need to turn your storage unit upside down every time you need to visit the storage facility.

Getting the most of a smaller storage unit can be great for your budget, but might take a bit of foresight. If you can safely pack away your items in an organized fashion, you can get more mileage out of a smaller storage area and you won't have to opt for a larger space. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Redondo Van & Storage.

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